Tao Guo (Cambi) 郭 涛

A Software Engineer

Hi there!

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I am Tao. I am currently a Software Engineer at Google working on the Maps product. I graduated as Master of Science in the BIC program of School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University. I have obtained my Bachelor of Science degree in an double major program of Information and Computational Science / Ecology at Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China.

My career goal lies in providing brilliant software and Internet service solutions to benefit people. I am passionate about initiative thinking, delivering high quality work, solving challenging problems and making an impact.

You can have a quick overview of my past experiences through my Chinese resume. Or, my technical experineces in computer science are summarized by my English resume

Email: cambiguo (at) gmail

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I am proficient in Java, Objective-C, C/C++, SML, MatLab and Python programming. My interest lies in Backend / Server-­Side Development, Mobile App Development, Machine Learning, Human Computer Interaction, Security, Advanced Algorithms and Web Applications.


Apple Club, Sun Yat-sen Univerity is the place which I devoted all my undergrad enthusiasm to. I restarted the extinguishing club with two members and grew it to over 30 members in a year. During this year I led 7 iOS app development projects including iSYSU Alumni, the official app of SYSU Alumni Assotiation. We also hosted cross-school events that attracts professors from all the schools in Southern China. I made the Apple SYSU Thrill video to support the new member recuitment. The video shooting, editing and production are finished within 24 hours. We held a lot of campus events before I left school. All the great and unforgettable memories had a impact on my career as a software engineer.

Apart from this experience, I was also a club officier in various Toastmasters clubs, a salesperson in a computer store and in my class, a departmenet lead in the student Union, and the financial officer and secretary in SYSU-China 2011 team in International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition. All these experince enriched my communication and leadership skills and made me a better person in achieving higher goals.