Seth Wiener

Seth Wiener

Assistant Professor
Department of Modern Languages

Carnegie Mellon University
160 Baker Hall
5000 Forbes Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Office: 367 Baker Hall
Email: sethw1@
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My research program involves experimental investigations of spoken languages. Specifically, I address four areas that are central to understanding the nature of the cognitive processes and representations that enable listeners to understand language and recognize spoken words.

(1) Speech perception – what information is extracted from the speech signal? And how do linguistic experiences affect this process?

(2) Lexical representation – what information about a word is stored in memory? And how is this information stored?

(3) Lexical access – how is this stored information retrieved and used during word recognition?

(4) Second language acquisition – how and to what extent do these processes differ between native and non-native speakers?



  • Second Language Speech

  • Research Training: Modern Languages

  • Introduction to Linguistic Data Analysis Using R

  • Advanced Research Methods and Statistics in Linguistics

  • East Asian Psycholinguistics

  • Second Language Acquisition Graduate Research Seminar

  • Elementary Chinese I

  • Elementary Chinese II