== Not much here right now... ==

I’m not an amateur but right now I don’t have the time to code an HTML site. When I try to

To learn about the project, instead, please read one of the links:

=== Links ===

* [+ http://tor.place/concept/tor.place.homepage.html-came-out-so-shitty-I-made-it-a-.pdf ]

* [+ http://tor.place/concept/tor.place-frantically-written-pitch.pdf ]



\----- Since I'm selling software services I do indeed feel compelled to defend my reputation, after all, who uses a text page for their homepage these days.


+|---- TL;DR: I don't have the time/money to make a better one yet. But I will when the time comes.

+|---|---- Trust me, the stuff I'm working on is cool enough that you'll probably forgive me & so will everyone else.

It is almost embarassing to display this page to viewers and I only barely refrained from parking the domain completely.

We are under construction, and, until I get a real Web designer who knows how to use an actual Web design program, that means either (1) me coding the site myself in HTML/PHP/MySQL ––––– when I'm still working on the concept & can't worry about the pitch yet, or (2) use LibreOffice to write HTML, which is a good word processor but is not made for HTML content.

This site looks terrible. I know. Every hit I get makes me feel glum with humiliation, instead of giving me joy that you're interested in my concept. But LibreOffice's HTML makes me feel so forlorn, you might as well just throw an egg at my house.

== What is my concept ==

I HAVE BETTER PAGES AVAILABLE that still look amateur.

They don't yet explain the concept, but they will in soon in a forthcoming revision.

[+– {PAGE #0}. What should be the homepage,

+–– came out terrible in HTML but displays OK as pdf because positions are fixed –+]


+* [+ http://tor.place/tor.place-frantically-written-pitch.pdf ]

[+– {PAGE #0}. Could be a pitch, if writing one this is how I would start.

+–– Never actually gets to the concept.

+–– I haven't yet reached the stage in my planning wherein I decide what to reveal to people.

+–– (What I'm doing is cool enough [no, not illegal] that spoilers could be a problem.) –+]


-* [+ http://tor.place.homepage.html-came-out-so-shitty-I-made-it-a-.pdf ]

== Bitcoin addresses ==

=== Why these are here ===

|=[?0]= {Here's why:}

–––+/> As required by https://blockchain.info for my vanity Bitcoin addresses with the phrase “...tor dot place...”,
...I hereby present the Bitcoin addresses I want to show to the world.

|\[?1]= {What are address labels/tags:}

–––+/> They're not part of the Bitcoin protocol or most Bitcoin software.

--- However, if you use Blockchain.info, the world's most popular web wallet (mostly because you control your own private keys, later in some other section I'll explain what this means to those who need to know),

---- say you want to send BTC to a friend but don't like to memorize random alphanumeric sequences.

---- If your friend really cares about getting your money he could make one of his addresses “public” and so that any transaction record involving that address gets tagged with his name on Blockchain.info. These may or may not get swept up into search engines, but probably will sooner or later.

|\[?3]= {Why are you using these?}

---+/> We are confident our site will be cool enough that people will benefit from knowing about it and maybe clicking it when they see a transaction go by to/from one of our addresses & wonder what it is.

=== <> ===

[1] https tor dot place 0316154802

|+ == 1HeZNqN6wsDjtf6o8FV7tyqoMvCvKnMktD

[2] tor dot place key 032416 1604