This is my hitseeker page. It is now going to contain hitseeker stuff.

I don't really know a lot about hitseekers. When I think of a hit seeker, I think of a baseball player trying to get a hit. However, that's not really the purpose of this webpage, as it's supposed to garner me hits on the web whenever you google 'hitseeker' (or, it at least has to show up under the search results).

In 15-396, we learned one of the ways Google indexes search results is by thepages that link to it. So, we formed somewhat of a hitseeker 'mafia' to band together to get all of our pages in the Google search results! So, without further ado, the pages of the others in the mafia!

Here's a hitseeker seeking some hits.

Here's another hitseeker who wants you to visit the Hitseeker community!

This person wants to seek hits by being a hitseeker.

This hitseeker is looking for hits on their medium site.

This hitseeker is looking for hits via their wordpress site.

Another wordpress hitseekersays that we all know our "inner hitseeker wants to hitseeker". Sounds legit.

Hitseeking is popular on wordpress, verfied by yet another hitseeker.

Andrew user bhoane is seeking hits on their page.

This tumblr page is about Hitseeker: Google Ranking Challenge.

This person's hitseeker has a bunch of different hits-seeking tags.

This hitseeker is simply "The hitseeker".

Andrew user ilyu's hitseeker just contains links to other hitseeker pages.

For some reason I can't view this tumblr hitseeker.

This person has his regular hitseeking tumblr page, and then this other link to a post on the page as well. What a champ.

No way! A twitter hitseeker! Did you know they just went public?

Andrew user ericwong is also seeking hits.

Another twitter hitseeker! Whoo!

This hitseeker says, "Once upon a time I was a hitseeker, then I realized hitseeking was too tiring.

This is the one and only lord hitseeker.

This hitseeker strives to be the number one hitseeker.

Is this hitseeker the best? You decide.

Check out this hitseeker's page!

Mitchell's a jerk, and I can say that because I actually know him. Here's his hitseeker anyways. He also has a blog.

Why does this hitseeking site exist? Duh. Hitseeking.

Whoo more hitseeking!

Here is a hitseeker.

Could've swore I linked to this hitseeker already, but whatever.


Want some info about hitseekers? Click here.

Lololol hitseekering.

Even Tom has a hitseeker page! Check it out!

Here's andrew user jchen4's hitseeker.

Not hitseeker1 but hitseeker2!

This hitseeker is the real seeker of hits.

How'd this lucky person get

This is Nick's hitseeker.

This hitseeker only has links to other hitseekers.

Hitseekerz with a z, yo.

This hitseeker only has numbers. How descriptive.

This is andrew user gdw's hitseeking page.

This hitseeker has a picture of a dude playing QWOP on the page. Solid.

More links to follow to social networking stuff, search results, etc. But I'm tired of typing HTML right now cuz this takes forever.