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Team Members

Ander Solorzano: Product/Technology Solution Development; Legal Issues
Ander Solorzano

Having experience in mobile robotics development, space robotics development, and control theory, Ander enjoys developing and researching new technologies that improve space robotic applications and autonomous robotics applications. Ander has led several teams in the AUVSI's Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition and assisted in the development of several tele-operated robots. He has worked as a Space Robotics Engineer at Astrobotic Technology, Inc. for two summers and as an Applications Engineer at Texas Instruments in the summer of 2012. Ander also attended Kanazawa Institute of Technology in a summer foreign exchange program. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Currently, he is pursuing a M.S. degree in Robotics Systems Development at Carnegie-Mellon University.


Jaghvi Mehta: Market Research & Competition Analysis; Legal Issues
Jaghvi Mehta

Jaghvi worked with Tata Motors Limited, India as an electronics maintenance engineer of manipulator robots. Her interests are oriented towards mechatronics applications. She has been mostly involved with the open source projects at Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India. She developed a low cost USB development board "anuduino". She interned in a team to develop an application to run programming languages on android based tablets. She holds a B.Tech degree in Electronics and Communication from Indian School of Mines, India. Currently, she is pursuing a M.S. degree in Robotics Systems Development at Carnegie-Mellon University.


Matt Clark: Financial Analysis & Plans; Production & Operations
Matt Clark

With a background in both physics and robotics, Matt’s skills are highly valuable for researching, designing, and developing new technologies. He received a B.S. in Engineering Physics from the University of Colorado at Boulder where he earned distinctions for his work developing a beam stabilization for cutting edge ultrafast laser systems at the JILA institute. Quickly developing a taste for mechatronics and control systems, Matt became involved in robotics projects and research. After graduating, he was contracted by the Biofrontiers Institute to develop automation technologies for the American Gut Project. Currently, he is pursuing a M.S. degree in Robotics Systems Development at Carnegie-Mellon University.

Stephen Smith: Sales & Marketing; Business Structure & Organization
Stephen Smith

Stephen has had numerous experiences developing robotics applications for research and industry. His systems design focus has provided him with the ability to seek experience in a multitude of fields including Mechanical Design at Cisco Systems, Electrical Engineering at Newport News Shipbuilding, and several computer engineering and controls research positions at Cornell University and Carnegie Mellon (CMU). The kinematic behavioral control work he developed at CMU is most notable as it incorporated work on autonomous sixteen degree-of-freedom snake robots that were able to complete realistic tasks. With his systems approach to technical positions, Stephen has developed strong working knowledge in many complicated engineering fields. On top of these positions, he has also founded his own company, Jar~with~a~Twist a new solution to peanut butter jars. Running this company, he has developed significant experiences in marketing, sales, and financial analysis. These abilities are what clearly sets him apart as an business thinking systems engineer who his pursuing his Masters of Science in Robotics Systems Design at Carnegie Mellon University.



Team Mentor

Stephan Roth

With over 18 years of experience in applied Robotics engineering, Stephan Roth has a wide knowledge of the hardware and software components as well as the system development process of robotic applications. Currently, he is tasked with designing a sensor suite for the DARPA Transformer program to develop a flying car. He is the current President and Co-Founder of Sensible Machines.

Robotics Institute Faculty

Hagen Schempf
John Dolan
Dimi Apostolopolous


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