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Problem Description

A view of a professional soccer field

A beautiful and meticulously painted field is the pride of every major soccer and football team in the world. It is an enormous spectacle which requires constant care and maintenance. Currently, this maintenance implies several laborers spending many painstaking hours in an effort to paint across more than an acre of grass every week. The Fieldroid is an autonomous field painting system that will transform any field of grass into a professional grade sports stadium!

Affordable and easy-to-use, fieldroid will bring field quality to the next level for all sports organizations, big and small. Giving everyone the ability to play on a professional field, this robot will inspire the next generation of sports stars!

Complicated field painting designs
Field painting can be extremely complex

Complicated field painting designs
Field painting needs coordination

Complicated field painting designs
Field painting can happen at any time

While current solutions are time, labor and resource intensive, Fieldroid paints field markings, text, and graphics with superhuman precision and efficiency. The excessive use of paint is an unnecessary cost which damages grassy fields. Fieldroid can control the amount of paint used at any point on the field so that it limits these damages, all while saving paint. Furthermore, time is money in the fast paced sports industry. One field may have to be repainted more than once in a single day to accommodate multiple events. Fieldroid paints a field in under two hours allowing for faster turnover times between events. It also operates at all times of day or night so that field managers have one less thing to worry about when they wake up. We present advanced technologies in the form of an easy to use robot so that the only simple step between a plot of grass and a professional grade sports field is Fieldroid.

Use Case

Elliott is a full-time grounds keeper for the local youth soccer stadium in Staffordshire. Regardless of the weather, he is responsible for maintaining the quality of the field as well as painting the field lines prior to any major game. As a passionate hard-worker, Elliott dedicates his effort to produce a quality field worthy of admiration.

After enduring thirty long winters, Elliott finds it hard to perform the physical labor he once did with ease. With all the new technological improvements made worldwide, he needs a device that helps him carry out his job with ease and speed yet retain the same accuracy and precision that meet all the league regulations. Most importantly he needs a device that is capable of repeating paint tasks time and time again without damaging the field or requiring supervision.

He finds out that there is this new autonomous field painting solution called Fieldroid. With Fieldroid, his job becomes easier and faster than before. He decides to purchase Fieldroid and test it out.

Elliot working hard with the robot

He begins by unfolding the legs of the Robot Total Station and placing it on a location far away from where the lines will be. This station is in-charge of tracking the robot’s absolute position in the field with extreme accuracy. He then initializes the station and goes through the easy-to-follow setup instructions displayed on the station. Once the tracking station is set, it begins tracking the robot. Elliott then fills the robot with white paint and moves it to a starting position. He then turns on the robot and opens the user interface.

Here Elliott can set the type and dimensions of the field. Elliott can also check the status conditions of Fieldroid before he deploys it. He can determine if Fieldroid has enough battery power and resources to finish a paint job without requiring supervision.

He then deploys Fieldroid with the click of a button. He watches Fieldroid initialize its paint task without requiring him to follow it up close. Once the task is complete, Elliott is impressed with the strong capabilities and performance that Fieldroid offers. He is glad to know that Fieldroid meet his standards for quality, accuracy, and repeatability. He looks forward to using it on future paint jobs.

The pain point is clear in the following old advertisement.

The System

Fieldroid Glory Picture Field Painting Robot