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Mechanical Design

Multi-View Drawing of System

Electrical Design

We planned ahead for a well connected system that could be integrated smoothly once all of the components arrive. The following shows the plan for the electrical systems.

Signals Diagram

Signals Diagram

Power Diagram

Signals Diagram

All of the pieces came together really well. The following picture shows the fully connected board. This subsystem was broken into power and signals.

Electrical Board Fully Built

PCB Development

PCB Schematic

Here is some more information on our PCB Devolpment

Software Design

Our model is shown below. It represents how we calculate our absolute position based on our encoder data. We use this model to control the robot in (x,y,theta) so that we can incorporate the tracking data.

Sketch of Mathematical Model
Better version of mathematical model

Model Predictive Control

Our software is open sourced on github.


Our design translates nicely into a physical system that will be used to paint fields.


Integrated Final Product

Fieldroid the autonomous field painting robot


Square Painting

FVE Performance

FVE Performance Requirements FVE Performance Systems

Strong Control Progress

Outdoor Testing

Multi-Field Performance

Field Comparisons Multi-Field Comparisons Field Comparisons Multi-Field Comparisons

SVE Performance

SVE Performance Characteristics

Multiple Performance Metrics

Field Painting Performance 1 Field Painting Performance 2 Field Painting Performance 3 Field Painting Performance 4 Field Painting Performance 5 Field Painting Performance 6 Field Painting Performance 7

Project Management


October 8th - Jaghvi Mehta
October 15th - Matt Clark
October 22nd - Ander Solorzano
November 5th - Stephen Smith
November 17th - Jaghvi Mehta
November 24th - Matt Clark
December 3rd - Ander Solorzano
January 28th - Stephen Smith
February 11th - Jaghvi Mehta
February 25th - Matt Clark
March 18th - Ander Solorzano
April 1st - Stephen Smith
April 13th - Jaghvi Mehta

Schedule (Gantt Chart)


Gantt Chart Fieldroid


Gantt Chart Fieldroid Spring (click to enlarge, see Documents for live copy)

Parts List Tracking

Parts List Tracker (click to enlarge, see Documents for live copy)

Issues Log

Log of Issues for Fieldroid (click to enlarge, see Documents for live copy)