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Spring Validation Experiment

Fall Validation Experiment

Fieldroid's YouTube Channel

Fieldroid on YouTube

Other Media

Some pictures of white board meetings can be seen here


Conceptual Design Review (CoDR)

Our CoDR can be found here

Preliminary Design Review (PDR)

Our PDR can be found here

Individual Lab Reports (ILRs)

All ILRs can be accessed in this folder in drive

Gannt Chart

The Gannt chart is our scheduling method

Budget/Parts Tracking

This document lets us keep track of our expenses

Issue Log

A live tracker for bugs and issues

Risk Management

A document that holds all the risks we detected and their risk mitigation plan

FVE Test Plan

The test plan for our Fall Validation Experiment

SVE Test Plan

The test plan for The Spring Validation Experiment

Critical Design Review (CDR)

The Critical Design Review Report

Systems Development Review (SDR)

SDR Presentation

Standards and Regulations

Our Standards and Regulations Presentation

Project Poster Presentation

The Spring Poster Presentation

Final Report

The final Report