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Svet's cuisine is influenced by the ethnic traditions of the best in Greek Mediterranean Cooking, Bulgarian and Balkans fine cuisine.

We understand the importance of carefully selecting what you eat in your leisure time. Let this web site be your guide to Svet's Fine Mediterranean and Balkans Cuisine and the best vacations and wilderness adventures in the all-you-can-eat realm, illustrating why we set the gold standard for high quality service, safety and excellence in adventure of eating, drinking and being merry.

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When you vacation with Master Amateur Chef Svet your satisfaction with our service is guaranteed.

Choose from any of our 10+ vacations and adventure tours to the library (no eating and drinking there, alas), or check out the most popular trips. These trips vary from relaxing reading about water vacations, to extreme reading about mountain biking trips with technical singletrack trails. Our interactive map lets you traverse the globe of gastronomy.


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