Since the competition from the semester before did not end well (with only one entry), I decided that since I was the President of the club that year I would be the captain of two teams, and I would make the competition a little easier.

In the fall of 2007, the Robotics Club held a Line Following Competition. Candles were also placed around the course as an added bonus if the robot could extinguish it while traveling.

The robot on the top was built by my Thursday team. The robot on the bottom was built by my Friday team. Both teams started out with a similar set of parts, yet the robots are completely different.

The robot in the center was a surprise entry of mine. It is just one of my robots that I use for demonstration purposes. It cannot extinguish the candles but its line following function works well.

The two other teams that worked through the semester did not finish in time. The team on the left was awarded first place, my surprise entry was awarded second, and the team on the right was awarded third.