The Look-See* Tree is a mobile artwork housing 5 motion activated mini-theatres. The small theatres contain robotic animals in somewhat natural settings within a large tree structure.

From afar, viewers will see a large tree trunk lying on its side, supported by wheels, and connected to a bike. As they approach, viewers will notice the leaves of the tree, which shake in several places around the tree, encouraging viewers to examine each location. Closer inspection will reveal several glowing hollows in the tree trunk. As viewers approach and peak in, they will see animals that will respond to their presence accompanied by the unusual sounds and setting of their almost natural environment. The setting which the animals inhabit will be littered with detritus and various signs of technology, in an attempt to create in miniature version of some of the strange innovations and reapportions that take place when nature meets urban space. For example- birds whose calls mimic cell phone rings and car alarms, and animals that collect scraps from city spaces that are then used as nesting material.

Viewers will also notice a unique feature of the Look-See Tree Big-Bot - which is that its power source is supplied on-site hand cranked generator. The source of locomotion for the sculpture is also a point of interest- an electric bike. The Look-See Tree proposes technologies that are of low environmental impact. This approach means low-cost to no cost in sustaining a means of showing the sculpture, while showcasing species that seem to gracefully and disturbingly have found ways to adapt to settings irrevocably affected by human-related environmental augmentation.

*The term look-see tree is taken from a name given to trees that have been converted to fire watch or simply observation towers. This name was of interest to me because it designates a tree as a place to go for observation and contemplation- in this case; however, the view is inside the tree rather than beyond it.

I did the electronic and software design for this project.