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Research Interests

- Biomedical image registration
- Numerical representation schemes for biological data
- Distance metric and topology in dimensionality reduction
- Comparison and match measures for biological images
- Numerical optimization in nonlinear spaces
- Machine learning algorithms for biological feature classification
- Generative modeling of and informatics from biological databases
- Graph and Spectral Clustering Methods for Image Segmentation
- PDEs in Image Segmentation


2006-2011 PhD in Electrical Engineering
• University of Virginia, USA
• PhD Dissertation: "Using Manifold Geometry in Image Analysis: Shape Based Recognition and Pose Tracking "
2003-2005 Master of Computer Science
• Indian Statistical Institute
• Thesis: "A Methodology for Implicit Evolution of Open Ended Curves"
1997-2001 Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
• Jadavpur University, India
• B.E. Thesis: "Finite Volume Analysis of Laminar Flow in Cylindrical Pipes"