Samarth Gupta


Samarth Gupta
PhD Student
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University

Office: CIC 4105- E3

About Me

I am currently a fourth year PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department. I am advised by Prof. Gauri Joshi and Prof. Osman Ya─čan. I like to work on problems involving Statistics, Machine Learning, Information Theory and Performance modeling. I am interested about the applications of these problems in A/B testing, experiment design, recommendation systems, data analytics, robust machine learning and privacy-preserving learning. During Summer 2019, I worked as an intern with the prediction team at Uber ATG to develop safety-oriented predictions for traffic actors around an autonomous vehicle.

Broadly, I am interested in online learning and statistical inference. I like to design and analyse online learning algorithms to solve sequential decision making problems. In my PhD so far, I have done some work on Correlated Multi-Armed Bandits (1, 2, 3), Stuctured Multi-Armed Bandits (4) and Active Distribution Learning (5). In these works, I have shown the use of our proposed algorithms for the application of recommendation systems. These days I am working on using these bandit algorithms in application areas of hyperparameter optimization and federated learning. I am also quite interested in performance modeling of computer systems. During my undergrad at IIT Bombay, I had a chance to work on resource allocation problems for large scale content delivery networks (6,7) with Prof. Sharayu Moharir .

Here is a link to my CV.

Aside from research, I love to play Tennis, Squash, Table Tennis and Soccer. I try to follow Tennis and Soccer quite regularly.