Uber ATG (Summer 2019)
Developing safety oriented prediction for traffic actors around an autonomous vehicle, Team: Prediction

Morgan Stanley, Strats and Modeling (Summer 2015)
Trust Region Optimization for estimating Bond Curve parameters, Team: Core Analytics

Embedded Systems Group, University College Cork, Ireland (Summer 2014)
Synthesis of reliable circuits from unreliable components, Guide: Prof. Emanuel Popovici


CMU:Machine Learning, Foundation of Cloud and ML Infrastructure, Optimization, Estimation Detection and Learning, Martingales: Concentration inequalities and Sequential Analysis

IIT Bombay Information Theory and Coding, Science of Information Statistics and Learning, Advanced Data Networks, Random Graphs, Markov Chain and Queuing System, Advanced Concentration Inequalities, Probabilistic Models, Communication Networks, Wireless Communication, Adaptive Signal Processing, Audio Signal Processing, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Multimedia Systems, Advanced computing for electrical engineers, Number Theory and Cryptography

Teaching Assistant

- Performance Modeling and Design of Computer Systems: Fall 2018, Fall 2019 at CMU

- Markov Chains and Queuing Systems, Spring 2017 at IIT Bombay

- Data Analysis and Interpretation, Fall 2016 at IIT Bombay