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Lecture Schedule
# Date Links OLI HandO Notes Title
1. Jan 13(Tu)     Innate Immune System
2. Jan 15(Th)   Q1 Complement
3. Jan 20(Tu)     Cytokines, Inflammation
4. Jan 22(Th)   Q2 Antiviral Response
5. Jan 27(Tu)     Intro to Acquired Immunology. Writing 1 DUE
6. Jan 29(Th)     Organ Systems
7. Feb 3(Tu)     Antibody Structure
8. Feb 5(Th)   Q3/4 Biological Functions of Antibodies.
Key to problem set
9. Feb 10(Tu)     Antibody Diversity
10. Feb 12(Th)   Q5   Allelic Exclusion, B-cell activation
Key to quiz
  Feb 17(Tu) Exam 1 Key to Exam 1
11. Feb 19(Th)       T-cell indep.,B-cell Reg.,Ab expression, Class switch.
12. Feb 24(Tu)   Q6   Class switching, affinity Maturation
13. Feb 26(Th)       Immunoassays I

Writing assignments
1. Due Tuesday January 27
 Inflammation and Cancer - prompt
 Inflammation and Cancer - paper
2. Due Thursday March 5
MHC-prompt MHC-paper MHC-Key