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Lecture Schedule
# Date Links OLI HandO Notes Title
1. Jan 11(M)     Innate Immune System
2. Jan 13(W)     Complement I
3. Jan 15(F)     Complement II
4. Jan 20(W)     Cytokines
5. Jan 22(F)     Inflammation
6. Jan 25(M)     Innate Viral Response
7. Jan 27(W)     Intro to Acquired
8. Jan 29(F)     Intro to T_cells
9. Feb 1(M)     organ systems
10. Feb 3(W)     Antibody Structure
11. Feb 5(F)     Antibody Function
12. Feb 8(M)     Antibody Diversity
13. Feb 12(F)     Joining Mechanism
14. Feb 15(M)     Allelic Exclusion
15. Feb 17(W)     B-cell Act., class switch, affinity mat.
16. Feb 19(F)   Q4 Expression of Ig, B-cell reg., 2o res.,TH independent
17. Feb 22(M) Jmol Q5 MHC Structure and Genetics I
18. Feb 24(W) Antibody-Antigen
19. Feb 26(F) Monoclonal Antibodies
Feb 29(M) Exam II
20. Feb 26(F) RIA & FACS Problem set 4
21a. Mar 14(M) Q7 SPR, TCR, Transg. Mice
21b. Mar 16(W) T-Cells I
22. Mar 18(F) Q6 T-Cells II/Tolerance
23. Mar 21(M) Vaccines
24. Mar 23(W) Transplantation I
25. Mar 25(F) Transplantation II
26. Mar 28(M) Infectious Disease I
27. Apr 1(F) Infectious Disease II
28. Apr 4(M) HS I
29. Apr 8(F) HS II-IV
30/31. Apr 11(M) Immunodeficiencies, Homework Key
32. Apr 13(W) Autoimmune Diseases
33. Apr 18(M) Cancer I
34. Apr 20(W) Cancer II

Writing assignments
1. Due Monday February 22
MHC-prompt Paper Key
2. Due Monday March 21
BiTE Ab-prompt Paper Key
3. Due Monday April 11
HIV-prompt HIV-paper HIV-Key