03-151 Honors Modern Biology - Ribonuclease Problem Set 3 - Jmol

Click on this button to display the secondary structure:

Question 5:
Click button to zoom in on Valine 108
You can add/remove a surface on Val108:

You can add a surface to the residues packed against Val108

You can toggle between Val108 to Ala108

Color Scheme:
blue - nitrogen
red - oxygen
gray - carbon
yellow - sulfur
hydrogen - white

How to zoom:Shift+left mouse.
How to identify an atom:Just hover over the atom. You will see something like [Arg]10:A O #69. This means you were hovering over the oxygen of arginine at postion 10 in the chain. The "A" refers to one chain, #69 is just a file postion, you can ignore that.