03-131 Genes, Drugs, and Disease - Cocaine-Antibody complex Problem Set 3
Click here to display the Fv frag.+cocaine
You can toggle the cocaine off/on:
You can toggle the Light chain off/on:
You can toggle the heavy chain off/on:

Click here to center on cocaine and display Trp33H & Tyr32L:
Toggle a surface on the cocaine:
Toggle Tyr32L:
Toggle surface Tyr22L:
Toggle Trp33H:
Toggle surface Trp33H:

Color Scheme:
blue - nitrogen
red - oxygen
gray - carbon
yellow - sulfur
hydrogen - white

How to zoom:Shift+left mouse.

Move the molecule:Control+right mouse
How to identify an atom:Just hover over the atom. You will see something like [Arg]10:A O #69. This means you were hovering over the oxygen of arginine at postion 10 in the chain. The "A" refers to one chain, #69 is just a file postion, you can ignore that.