Public Expenditure Analysis Presentations

Digital [of course!] Pictures of the PEA Environment before the Presentations:

Pizza Soda Beer!!!!!

Students at the Doorway:

Olumuyiwa, Parshu, Ashish (TA), Surendra, Peter, Bryan


Students Milling About: Nick, Dan and Parshu (showing he can eat and drink at the same time!)

The Pittsburgh Subway Connector

(AKA Murphy's 3'rd Pyramid)

The Pittsburgh Subway Connector Team of Nick, Parshu, and Dan

They look at their benefit estimates in complete wonderment!

Parshu explains their breakeven analysis and the -2% finding!

The audience groans in amazement, and several begin thumbing through their textbook for an explanation of this case.

Nick explains the path of the new connector to the North Side, and

indicates why some think ridership will blossom.

PGH North Shore Powerpoint 2004

The New East Side New York Subway:

Bigger than the Big Dig, More Expensive than the Great Wall of China!

The Team: Bryan, Jay and Olumuyiwa

Bryan looks at his cost estimates in amazement. They are going to spend how much?

Jay looks at his notes and wonders why she didn't attend.

NYC East Side Subway Project Powerpoint 2004

Leave No Child Behind (LNCB)

The Leave No Child Behind Team: David, Surendra, and Peter

Surendra Opines:

David makes an important Cameo appearance to the applause of the audience:

David and Surendra Collaborate:

NLNCB Power Point

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