I am a PhD student in Pure and Applied Logic at Carnegie Mellon University, officially residing in the Philosophy department. (Despite the residence, my work is primarily in computer science and mathematics.)

In January 2018 I will start a postdoc in Theoretical Computer Science at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, working with Jasmin Blanchette on the Matryoshka project.

I earned an MS in Logic, Computation, and Methodology in 2014 and an MS in Mathematics in 2015, both from CMU. Previously, I earned a BA from Rice University with a double major in Mathematics and Philosophy, and taught geometry, pre-calculus, and AP calculus at St. Agnes Academy in Houston.

My interests revolve around logic and the foundations of mathematics. I work on automated logical reasoning and theorem-proving, formal verification, and type theoretic foundations for mathematics. More details are available on my Research page.

You can download a copy of my CV here.

My office at CMU is Doherty Hall 4302D (directions here). You may reach me by email at rlewis1@andrew.cmu.edu or by mail at:

Rob Lewis
CMU, 5000 Forbes Ave.
Dept. Philosophy, BH135
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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