Weight Watchers at Carnegie Mellon University FAQ

Information & Questions - Last Updated: 29-Sep-2015

Note - the following is applicable to the at-work sessions held at Carnegie Mellon University.

How long does an At Work session last?
All "At Work" meetings typically consist of 12 or 17 week sessions. During the summer we may hold a shorter session.

When are the At Work sessions held?
Currently, meetings are held on Wednesdays in Cyert Hall B6A, from 11:30 - 12:15. Weigh ins start at 11:30, and the class starts at 11:45.

Where are the meetings held?
Most meetings are held Cyert Hall (CYH) room B6A. If a meeting room is not available, meetings have been held in meeting / conference rooms in the following buildings:
WH - Warner Hall
UC - University Center

How much do the sessions cost?
Currently, cost for the 12 week session is $156; 17 week session cost is $186. Cost is pro-rated for members joining mid-session, using the per-week prorate for each of the remaining weeks.

Are there any discounts at this time?
There are no discounts at this time. However, Health America members may be reimbursed for a portion of their yearly dues (up to $350; member must attend at least 80% of the session). The form is on the Health America website, and must be signed by the Weight Watchers at Work leader.

I can't make this weeks meeting - do I have any options?
As long as your membership book shows you as being paid up for the current At Work session, you can weigh in and attend a meeting at any regular Weight Watchers session in your area.

Are there any special offers?
Currently, Weight Watchers offers free access to eTools (their online companion tool) to those signed up & paid in full by the 2nd week of the current session. (14 weeks eTools for a 12 week session; 19 weeks eTools for a 17 week session). Note these are calendar weeks based on the date you sign up with eTools.
Members joining week 3 and later may be entitled to access for a shorter duration.

What happens if a meeting is cancelled (due to weather, illness, leader unavailability)?
the meeting will continue on the next meeting date, and the session will be extended by 1 week.

Who can join the At-Work program at Carnegie Mellon University?
The program is open to all university affiliates (faculty, staff, students, retirees).

Can I join mid session?
Certainly! Your cost would be prorated according to the number of meetings left in the session. For example, with 6 weeks left in a 12-week session, your cost would be $78 (6 weeks * $13/week pro-rate).

I have a Monthly Pass, or am currently an On-Line only member. What do I need to do to switch to at work?
No problem - simply call #800-828-9675 and cancel it so you can stop that billing, then pay for the at work series at the meeting. Make sure to tell the operator that you are joining an at work meeting. They can also guide you if you want to keep your online history. See Member guidelines (pdf file) for details.

Other questions not answered here?
Contact me, Rita Motor (rita@cmu.edu),