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Rajiv Garg

Greetings and welcome to my older web-page. The newer and updated webpage is now located at:

Quick Intro?
I am an Assistant Professor at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin. My research interests are on the intersection of economics, marketing, and information systems with a focus on social and mobile platforms. I am excited and blessed to follow my true passion - research and innovation - and hope to make some difference in the world. In this pursuit of happyness I admire the support from my parents, lovely wife Ankita, my cute little daughter Sara, son Shiv, and baby Savi.

Interested in research?
Both Heinz @CMU and McCombs @UT are highly reputed in each of their diversified research areas (including information systems management and innovation) and houses the some of the most amazing and wonderful faculty. If you are interested in research or planning to apply to a graduate program, I would seriously recommend diving deeper and fascinating yourself.

Speak Up!
Not too long ago, my doctors at USC ( Dr Dennis Maceri and Dr David Ko) diagnosed me with an uncurable hearing loss making it harder for me to understand the words whispered to me. I was told that the cause of the loss was weakening of auditory nerve, which is also called Mild Sensorineural Hearing Loss. So, my apologies if you asked a question verbally and I asked to repeat it; please either speak up or write it out.

Need More?
If you are interested in learning more about me, please feel free to browse other pages. I have occasionally tried to have my brain-dump on my blog but I am so irregular that on an average I have had 1 post per year. My new year resolution (every year) is to write something every month. (hoping that year will come soon)

Rajiv Garg


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