Database Schema


The snort database schema is version-ed in order to allow for debugging and upgrading. The schema.vseq field store the version number of the database. In order to determine the current schema version (without examining the snort database plugin output) using the following SQL:
  SQL> SELECT * from schema;

  | vseq | ctime               |
  |  104 | 2001-10-15 10:56:30 |
In this example, the database is version 104 and was created on October 15, 2001 at 10:56.

For every change made to the schema, the version number will be incremented. It is sometimes possible that a change will be made only a particular database script. For example, the MySQL script might be changed but not PostgreSQL. Regardless, a change in any of the databases necessitates incrementing the version number in all databases.

In cases where the database schema version number has changed for a particular database type, but no actual change to the schema was made, the following SQL can be used to upgrade the schema:

  SQL> UPDATE schema SET vseq = 'the new version number';

ER Diagrams and Documentation

The following are ER diagrams and table level documentation of the Snort database schema:


  2002-02-28 -- v105
    + ORACLE: event.timestamp redefined as a DATE

  2001-09-26 -- v104
    + ALL: enlarged reference.reg_tag field ( TEXT or VARCHAR(100) )

  2001-06-15 -- v103
    + ALL: removed 4-octet representation from iphdr
    + ALL: removed all classification/priority definitions from the 
           DDL scripts
    + ALL: added support for signature priorities, ID, and revision ID

  2001-05-12 -- v102
    + ALL: added support for signature classification

  2001-05-07 -- v101
    + POSTGRESQL: fixed bug from v100 to properly define event.signature

  2001-03-16 -- v100
    + ALL: normalization of the signature representation
    + ALL: created schema table to self-document the schema version
    + ALL: added support for signature references

  2000-02-08 -- v0
    + initial release

Example SQL

Snort DB logging: Schema
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