Qiong Zhang

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Who I am

Welcome! I am currently a PhD student in Machine Learning (under the School of Computer Science) and Neural Computation (under the Center for Neural Basis of Cognition) at Carnegie Mellon University. I hold a Master's degree in Machine Learning from Carnegie Mellon University, and a Bachelor's degree in Computational Biology with 1st Honors from National University of Singapore. I am very grateful to be advised by John R. Anderson and Rob E. Kass.

I have lived in Xi'an, Singapore, Brisbane, San Diego, Pasadena, Pittsburgh, Groningen, and Redmond. I once worked in Grand Canyon National Park for a season.

What I do

I combine behavioral experiments, neuroimaging methods, and computational models to provide an integrated theory of human learning and memory. Memory retrieval is a hidden cognitive process that is not directly observable from behavioral responses. I develop machine learning methods that allow us to track when and where this hidden cognitive process occurs in the brain. In addition to tracking how a memory is retrieved, I also build cognitive models to examine a network of interconnected memories and how our mind can efficiently search through them. Finally, I study how this network of memories grows; encoding new memories builds upon the existing network of prior memories. Understanding how our prior knowledge impacts the formation of new memories is fundamental to understanding human learning. Details of my ongoing and past projects can be found here.