Qin Gao

Qin Gao

Ph.D. candidate in theoretical Physics
M.S. student in Machine Learning
Carnegie Mellon University

Physics Machine Learning


Journal Papers

  1. Q. Gao and M. Widom, "First Principles Study of Bismuth Films at Transition Metal Grain Boundaries", submitted. PDF
  2. S. de la Barrera, Q. Gao, and R.M. Feenstra, "Theory of Graphene-Insulator-Graphene Tunnel Junctions", J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B 32 (2014) 04E101 PDF
  3. Q. Gao and M. Widom, "First-principles study of bismuth films on the Ni(111) surface", Phys. Rev. B, 88 (2013) 155416. PDF
  4. N. Srivastava, Q. Gao, M. Widom, R.M. Feenstra, S. Nie, K.F. McCarty and I.V. Vlassiouk, "Low-energy electron reflectivity of graphene on copper and other substrates", Phys. Rev. B , 87 (2013) 245414. PDF
  5. R.M. Feenstra, N. Srivastave, Q. Gao, M. Widom, G. Diaconescu, T. Ohta, G.L. Kellogg, J.T. Robinson and I.V. Vlassiouk, "Low-energy electron reflectivity from graphene", Phys. Rev. B, 87 (2013) 041406(R). PDF