Crane Project 2013

Patrick Sumner, Dustin Schneider, Nick Allen

How It Works

Our design was to build a stable rectangular base and with a t-beam coming off of the base that holds the motor and counterweight that in turn lifts the weight. Once the motor is switched on the power of the motor combined with the counterweight act in unison to lift the weight to approximately 3.5 inches.

Theoretical Predictions

As shown in the equations below, the motor applies a torque of 51.5 ounces, or 71.5% of its total torque. To allow the lever arm to lift the 1-pound weight, a counter weight of 2 ounces is also applied at a distance of 6.25” from the servomotor. The equations below demonstrate that the 1-pound weight will be lifted well over 2 inches.

Interesting Features

Our design is simple yet effective. It uses "L" and "T" shaped beams to counteract shear, strain and torsion simultaneously to keep deflections at a minimum. The design consistently completes the challenge while weighing only 16 ounces.