Recent News:

* Jan-13: The paper with Miguel Matos, Rahul Telang and Michael Smith on "The Impact of Popularity on Sales of Movies in Video-on-Demand: a Randomized Experiment" will be presented at the NBER Winter Workshop on the Economics of Digitization, March 8th at Stanford University

* Dec-12: The paper with Miguel Matos and David Karckhardt on "Peer Influence in the Diffusion of the iPhone 3G over a Large Social Network" is going to second round review at a major outlet

* Nov-12: I am co-organizing SCECR 2013, which will be held place in Lisbon June 27-28 at Catolica-Lisbon. Stay tuned for the call for papers and visit SCECR's page on facebook

* Oct-12: The paper with Miguel Matos and David Krachardt on "Peer Influence in a Very Large Social Network: The Diffusion of the iPhone 3G" will be presented at ICIS 2012

* Sep-12: The paper with Miguel Matos and David Krackhardt on “Peer Influence and Homophily in the Diffusion of the iPhone 3G” will be presented at IEEE ICSC 2012

* Ago-12: We have now started a major large-scale real-time closed-loop randomized experiement with VoD at a very prominent cable company. Stay tuned for the results

* Jul-12: I co-organizing the Heinz Monday Seminar Series. We will benefit from talks by Kenneth Flamm, Alok Gupta, Ravi Bapna, Anindya Ghose and Paulo Goes, among others

* Jun-12: Rodrigo Belo graduated with a PhD in Technological Change and Entrepreneurship from the Dept of Engineering and Public Policy at CMU, awarded jointly by IST and UCP

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