C Dream Catchers D
performers: North Texas Wind Symphony
Eugene Migliaro Corporon, conductor

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program: [1] Danza de los DuendesNancy Galbraith
[2] Dreamcatcher – Walter Mays
[3] Lullaby for Kirsten – Leslie Bassett
[4] From a Dark Millennium – Joseph Schwantner
[5] Softly & Tenderly Jesus Is Calling – Will Thompson
[6] Waking Angels – David Gillingham
[7] Lullaby for Kirsten – Rolf Rudin
press bytes:

"The disc entitled Dream Catchers begins promisingly with an exercise in enriched minimalism by Nancy Galbraith. It begins briskly enough, then gains further push and momentum along its nine and a half minutes to a slam-bang conclusion."
—Fanfare Magazine

"Like Ms. Galbraith's with brightness round about it, this minimalism-charged work is full of imagination and energy."
—American Record Guide

source: nancygalbraith.com