C Nancy Galbraith: Strange Travels D
performers: Effervescent Air • Stephen Schultz (electric Baroque flute); Luz Manriquez (amplified piano); Carnegie Mellon Baroque Ensemble; Daniel Nesta Curtis, conductor
Euphonic Blues • Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic Orchestra; Ronald Zollman, conductor
Three Preludes for Piano • Rishi Mirchandani, piano
Strange Travels • Carnegie Mellon Contemporary Ensemble; Daniel Nesta Curtis, conductor

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program: [01] Effervescent Air: Effervescent Air
[02] Effervescent Air: Sylphine Sails
[03] Effervescent Air: Coal and Ice
[04] Euphonic Blues
[05] Three Preludes for Piano: Allegro con brio
[06] Three Preludes for Piano: Languendo
[07] Three Preludes for Piano: Energico
[08] Strange Travels: Khao San Road
[09] Strange Travels: Ayutthaya

"Strange Travels" is available for purchase at Centaur Records and will be available soon for CD purchases and downloads at most online retail stores.

album notes:

Nancy Galbraith has enjoyed performances and recordings of her music by a distinguished list of great artists throughout her 35-year career as a composer of contemporary classical works. But some of the most talented musicians with whom she has collaborated have been found in her own backyard at the Carnegie Mellon University School of Music, where she has taught for over three decades. Under the direction of the school’s head, Denis Colwell, the School of Music offers a teeming environment of performance activities, featuring ensembles of every kind and an outstanding recording technology program. This album spotlights a sampling of the many extraordinary faculty and student performers who may be found at the Carnegie Mellon School of Music in any given academic year.

source: nancygalbraith.com