C Bassoon Trancended: Christin Schillinger D
subtitle: Contemporary Music for Bassoon and Piano
by Women Composers

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performers: Christen Schillinger, bassoon
Jed Moss, piano
program: Circadia: Three Movements — Adrienne Albert
[01] Cycles
[02] Nightfall
[03] Spring Ahead
Fractals — Elizabeth Alexandria
[04] Cirri/Devil's Staircase
[05] Twindragon
[06] River Tree
[07] Tremas and Squigs
[08] Circle Music Three — Cindy McTee
The Lunch Counter: A Musical Play in Seven Movements
— Susan Kander
[09] Jennifer
[10] Frank
[11] Olivia
[12] Margaret
[13] Max
[14] Specs and Shorty
[15] Lorraine
Sonata for Bassoon and Piano — Nancy Galbraith
[16] I.
[17] II.
[18] III.
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The Keystone Chamber Players were formed in 2008 for the purpose of performing and recording new and standard works for the ensemble of oboe, bassoon and piano. All of the performers are members of the music faculty at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, which is located in western Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburgh.

source: nancygalbraith.com