C Metamorphosis: Nicolasa Kuster, bassoon D
performers: Nicolasa Kuster, bassoon
Sonia Leong, piano
Leyla Zamora, bassoon

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contact: web site: Nicolasa Kuster
University of the Pacific Conservatory of Music
email: nkuster@pacific.edu
program: Concert Piece for Bassoon and Piano — Libby Larsen
Sonia Leong, piano
[01] I.
[02] II.
[03] III.
Sonata Para Dois Fagotes — Francisco Mignone
Leyla Zamora, bassoon
[04] I. Allegro
[05] II. Modihna – molto lento
[06] III. Rondo – Chorinho, Allo Burlesco
Sonata for Bassoon and Piano — Nancy Galbraith
Sonia Leong, piano
[07] I.
[08] II.
[09] III.
Metamorphoses — Leslie Bassett
[10] I. Plaintive. (Stravinsky: Rite of Spring)
[11] II. Assertive, robust. (Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf)
[12] III. Lyrical, expressive. (Tchaikovsky: Symphony #4)
[13] IV. Very fast. (Beethoven: Symphony #3)
[14] V. Brilliant. (Beethoven: Symphony #1)
[15] VI. Smooth, flowing. (Beethoven: Symphony #8)
[16] VII. Tremolos with solo. (Scriabin: Poem of Ecstasy)
[17] VIII. Smooth, flowing. (Chabrier: España)
Sonata for Bassoon and Piano — Willard S Elliot
[18] I. Allegro con fuoco, moderato, lentamente, adagio molto
[19] II. Allegro con fuoco, quasi presto, languido, etc.
album notes: Bassoonist Nicolasa Kuster joined the faculty of the University of the Pacific Conservatory of Music in Stockton, California in the Fall of 2008. She is a Founding Co-Director of the Meg Quigley Vivaldi Competition, a biennial competition for young women bassoonists from the Americas which awards $20,500 in prizes. She is Principal Bassoon of the Stockton Symphony and a member of the Pacific Arts Woodwind Quintet. Previous positions include Principal Bassoon of the Wichita Symphony and Second Bassoon in the Tulsa Philharmonic Orchestra, the Rhode Island Philharmonic, and the Virginia Symphony.
source: nancygalbraith.com