C Nancy Galbraith: Missa Mysteriorum D
performers: Missa Mysteriorum • The Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon Wind Ensemble, Robert Page (conductor)
Concerto for Piano and Wind Ensemble • Carnegie Mellon Wind Ensemble, Denis Colwell (conductor), Donna Amato (piano)

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program: [01] Missa Mysteriorum: Kyrie
[02] Missa Mysteriorum: Gloria
[03] Missa Mysteriorum: Credo
[04] Missa Mysteriorum: Sanctus
[05] Missa Mysteriorum: Agnus Dei
[06] Concerto for Piano and Wind Ensemble: I.
[07] Concerto for Piano and Wind Ensemble: II.
[08] Concerto for Piano and Wind Ensemble: III.
distributor: The Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh • 2003
UPC: 661645000628 • themendelssohn.org
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"CollegiumUSA is proud to present this wonderful recording of Galbraith's Missa Mysteriorum. For those who may be hesitant to explore contemporary music, HAVE NO FEAR. Galbraith's work possesses genuine melody, with a sweeping American character—at time, almost cinematic in their arc; her harmonies are transparent and attractive; and her propulsive rhythms are reminiscent of the music of John Adams (El Niño, The Chairman Dances, etc.) and Michael Nyman (The Piano)." —CollegiumUSA


"The Mass is one of Galbraith's most ambitious works to date, and simultaneously one of her finest and most immediately appealing. The composer's idiom of choice is a postmodern blend of twentieth-century styles, richly tonal and modal, and rhythmically vital, with nods in the direction of minimalism and neoromanticism. The splendid concerto (her second) has a divertingly quirky energy and wit, tinged with the inflections of jazz and blues, framing a soulful slow movement with exuberant studies in sheer musical joie de vivre, tempered with an insistent, driven and at times almost hectic gaiety. The combination of these two works demonstrate Galbraith's standing as an individual contemporary communicator more surely even than the fine previous releases of her music." —Records International

source: nancygalbraith.com