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Don't read this unless you are prepared to share my emotions with the recent tragedies. This article was published in The Tartan on Sept. 17, 2001.

Honestly, not a heck of a lot... I am just another ordinary person that you are likely to pass by unnoticed. But if you are really interested in finding out about me, I have some limited information here to offer. I know I am committing a big crime for not having any images on these pages... maybe I will come up with some better layout in the future.

Though I have known how to write a webpage for a long time, I haven't written a page about me until very recently. That's largely because I find things and people around me are much more interesting than I.

I am still serving my time here at CMU(Carnegie Mellon University). I have declared my majors in ECE (Electrical and Computer Engineering) and EPP (Engineering and Public Policy, as well as a minor in BHE (Biomedical and Health Engineering). I hope to finish my undergraduate degree in this coming December!

In this summer of 2001, I served as a teaching assistant for the course Introduction to Programming in Java to a group of VERY bright and talented individuals in the APEA (Advanced Placement and Early Admission) program. And this page was mostly a demonstration on how to start writing basic webpages. Frankly, most of them created pages that are much more interesting pages than mine.

I have to thank all my studnts for a wonderful and rich learning experience.

Go pay a visit to the 15-100 Gameland

Currently, I am juggling between six classes and two jobs as a computer consultant and a teaching assistant. So I probably won't have as much free time as I would like to. The best way to contact me is to send me an email.

For more details about me, please visit the following:
Resume (MS Word format)
Resume (PDF format)


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