The Night

a light breeze ruffles my hair
I am in a field
staring at an orange moon
the darkness slowly envelops me
I listen to the sounds of the night
the chirp of the crickets
the swish of movement in the grass
the night orchestra
conducted by the moon
for the sole listener...

Wind Dance

A newspaper swirls in the street
caught in a spiral dance
its partner the wind
around it dance the leaves
the trash sits on the edges
nobody has asked it to dance
the wind song ends
the leaves and paper return to the ground
for a brief respite
before the next dance


out in the garden under the hot yellow sun
the plant leaves droop in the heat
sweat slides down my back as I bend

shaped like a bowl; concave

brushing aside prickly leaves
I come across melon
laying in the shadow of foliage

having a cavity; not solid

taking a knife I cut it from the vine
lifting its heavy weight as i straighten back
walking to the shade of the tree
knife in hand


Up and Away

I am waiting for the ceiling tiles to fly off
opening up the roof to the sky
I defy gravity, floating away
soaring over the earth
out into the cosmos
to become another star

Vacant Skull

My brain is not here today
last night it climbed out my ear
did a dance on my pillow
and vanished like a ghost
where has it gone?
was my skull too boring of an abode?
if you find it
please return it to me
i'd quite like it back