Project Proposal:
Life in Parallel
Michael Len (mlen@)
Jonathan Yu (jsyu@)

Project Proposal

Checkpoint Report

Final Report

Working Schedule
Week What We Plan To Do Have Done
Apr 1-7background research, develop work distirubtion concept
Apr 8-14Edit/refactor starter code. Repurpose the render to accept Life input and display properly
Apr 15-21Naive paralellized algorithm of Life (statically allocated workloads)

Week What We Plan To Do What We Actually Did
Mon 4/23-Thu 4/26Dynamically allocated workload for CUDA (Single bounding box)Done
Fri 4/27-Sun 4/29Multiple Bounding Box allocationAttempted but ultimately rejected
Mon 4/30-Thu 5/3OpenMP implementationNaive Implementation done
Fri 5/4-Sun 5/6OpenMP implementationDynamic Allocation
Mon 5/7-Thu 5/10Presentation PrepProduced statistical results
Working Log

[4/2/2012] Created Project Proposal

[4/14/2012] Developed framework to display sample boards

[4/18/2012] Fully working Game of Life in CUDA

[4/20/2012] Single dynamic bounding-box allocation of work completed

[4/22/2012] Created Checkpoint Writeup

[5/1/2012] Multi-Bounding box attempt, but unsuccessful. Explanation in Final Report

[5/3/2012] OpenMP naive implementation complete

[5/7/2012] OpenMP dynamic allocation implemented, using new pruning technique

[5/9/2012] Generate timing, speedup data and report