Michael J. Patrick
Research Associate III
Carnegie Mellon University

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Selected Peer-reviewed Publications
(Chronological order)

  1. Salama, G., Choi, B. R., Azour, G., Lavasani, M., Tumbev, V., Salzberg, B. M., Patrick, M. J., Ernst, L. A., and Waggoner, A. S.  (2005). Properties of New, Long-Wavelength, Voltage-sensitive Dyes in the Heart  J. Membrane Biol., 208, 125-140.   PMC3018276
  2. Patrick, M. J., Ernst, L. A., Waggoner, A. S., Thai, D., Tai, D., and Salama, G.  (2007). Enhanced Aqueous Solubility of Long Wavelength Voltage-Sensitive Dyes by Covalent Attachment of Polyethylene Glycol  Org. Biomol. Chem., 5, 3347-3353.  PMC3021457
  3. Wang, Y., Dur, O., Patrick, M.J., Tinney, J.P., Tobita, K.,Pekkan, K., and Keller, B.B. (2008). Hemodynamic Investigation of Normal Developing Aortic Arch in the Chick Embryo. Proceedings of the ASME 2008 Summer Bioengineering Conference (SBC2008). SBC2008-193264.    http://www.x-cd.com/sbc08/pdfs/193264.pdf
  4. Wang Y., Dur O., Patrick M.J., Tinney J.P., Tobita K., Keller B.B., Pekkan K. (2009).  Aortic Arch Morphogenesis and Flow Modeling in the Chick Embryo. Ann Biomed Eng. 37(6):1069-81. Epub 2009 Apr 1.
  5. Patrick, M.J., Chen, C.-Y., Frakes, D.H. and Pekkan, K. (2009). Fluid Dynamics of Erythrocytes using Confocal Microscopy & micro PIV. 8TH INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON PARTICLE IMAGE VELOCIMETRY - PIV09, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  6. Patrick, M.J., Chen, C.-Y., Frakes, D.H., Dur, O. and Pekkan, K. (2011) Cellular-level near-wall unsteadiness of high-hematocrit erythrocyte flow using confocal microPIV.  Exp Fluids 50:887–904.  Published online: 1 August 2010.
  7. Corti, P., Young, S., Chen, C.-Y., Patrick, M.J., Rochon, E., Pekkan, K., and Roman, B. (2011) Interaction between alk1 and blood flow in development of arteriovenous malformations.  Development.  2011 Apr;138(8):1573-82. Epub 2011 Mar 9.
  8. Chen, C.-Y., Patrick, M.J., Corti, P., Kowalski, W., Roman, B.L. and Pekkan, K. (2012) Analysis of early embryonic great-vessel microcirculation in Zebrafish using high-speed confocal microPIV.  Biorheology (in press 2/2012).