CMU 15-418 (Spring 2012) Final Project:
Principal Component Analysis on the GPU
Maxwell Koo (mjkoo)

Project Proposal

Checkpoint Report

Final Report

Working Schedule

Week What We Plan To Do What We Actually Did
Apr 8-14Research PCA algorithms and any existing GPU implementationsWorked on sample facial recognition app, using linear algebra code from numpy and OpenCV
Apr 15-21Begin working on a GPU-based simulation, comparing to the results from the CPU implementationExamined CUDA implementations of linear algebra code, evaulated which operations are parallelizable
Apr 22-28OptimizationWorked on optimizing the matrix normalization, transpose, and multiplication steps before Eigenvector decomposition takes place
Apr 29-May 5OptimizationWorked on optmizing for memory accesses using concepts of spacial locality, combine transpose and multiplication steps
May 6-11Create a report with my findingsCreated a report with my findings

Working Log
4/10/12 - Switched to new project idea, began background research