Hello! My name is MINJI KIM. I am currently a SOPHOMORE majoring in Computer Science but intending to change into Information Systems.

I am expected to graduate in May 2012. I aim to double-minor in Mathematics and Music Technology.

I've been involved in various projects, including the development of Virtual Hang-Gliding over Rio de Janeiro in Laboratorio de Sistemas Integraveis da USP.

I worked as a guest researcher organizing the C++ code and was in charge of presenting the project to the guests and the sponsers both in Portuguese and English.

With such experiences, I am looking for an internship in the Business Technical Analyst and UI Developer position.

Thank you for visiting my website! Feel free to look around and submit a contact information form. If you have any question, please don't hestitate to e-mail me.

Click HERE to check out my website with different css - a.k.a. "edgier" or "professional" design :)

Have a nice day!