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Hornbostel City

Pittsburgh, as comprised of buildings
designed by architect Henry Hornbostel,
rendering from a promotional brochure
for the Grant Building, 1928.

Collections Information
Collection descriptions and a searchable database of holdings

Jaunt Pittsburgh
A mobile app and digital guide to Pittsburgh architecture

Pittsburgh Architecture: A Guide to Research
A guide to methods, repositories, and resources

Charette Digital Project
Full-text electronic access to Charette magazine (1920-1974)

Postwar Pittsburgh Architecture Bibliography
A selected bibiography of original sources and published writings and Web sites

Carnegie Mellon Buildings and Campus Plans
A searchable database of projects, architects, and dates

Bibliography of Carnegie Mellon Architecture
A selected bibiography of original sources and published writings and Web sites

100 Years of Student Work
An exhibit of work from the School of Architecture (1905-2005)

Jill Watson
An online portfolio and tribute to Jill Watson (1964-1996)

A Campus Renewed
The catalog of a 1996 exhibit on Carnegie Mellon campus architecture, 1986-1996

Quick Studies: Sketches and Sketchbooks by Pittsburgh Architects
The catalog of a 1993 exhibit on architectural sketches and sketchbooks

Architectural Brochures: History, Hype & Graphic Design
The catalog of a 1990 exhibit on architectural brochures

Masthead: Henry Hornbostel, Machinery Hall, Carnegie Technical Schools (now Carnege Mellon University), rendering, ca. 1912.
Martin Aurand, Architecture Librarian and Archivist,

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