Modernism’s more-or-less monolithic approach has fragmented during the postmodern period and contemporary times, when there has been a return to a greater reliance on historic precedents, a growing interest in new technologies, and a renewed enthusiasm for craft on one hand, and urban design on the other. Drawings display more complexity and color, in a variety of media, including new electronic design media.

33/34 Kenneth Kuligowski, A’82, “Beaver County Courthouse,” 1981.

35 David Celento, A’89, “SkyGardenScraper,” 1987.

36 Anonymous, [Compositional analysis of Adolph Loos’ Villa Moissi (1923)], Ca. 1985.

37 Christine Kochinski Mondor, A’93, “Vineyard House,” 1989.

38 Christine Kochinski Mondor, A’93, “Environmental Awareness Center,” 1991.





Image not available.





39 Alan Chu, A’93, “Visitor’s Center,” 1990.

40/41 Jonathan Kline, A’98, “ Blakey Square,” 1998.

42/43/44 Brent Buck, A’03 / Ashok Kanagasundram, A’04 / Andy Kikta, A’03 / Sunayana Mozumder, A’04 / Liron Elkan, visiting student / Stephannie Bartos, Faculty Advisor, “ Disaster Relief Facility, Boston: 53 Hour Charette (AIA/Academy for Architecture for Health)” 2002.

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