Yaroslav Kryukov

Assitant Professor of Economics

GSIA 336
Tepper School of Business, CMU
5000 Forbes Ave., 15213 USA
1(412) 268-9455

Looking for a job starting from July 2017 in Pittsburgh area,
Cirriculum Vitae, Research Statement, Teaching Statement, Teaching Record.
- Applied Microeconomics: Industrial Organization, Healthcare.
- Econometrics: Structural Estimation.
- Computational methods: Dynamic Stochastic Games, Homotopy.


Is Dynamic Competition Socially Beneficial? The Case of Price as Investment
D. Besanko, U. Doraszelski, Y. Kryukov, 2016

“Consumer Plan Choice in the Florida Medicaid Market“,
Y. Kryukov, E. VanSant, work in progress

Sacrifice tests for predation in a dynamic pricing model: Ordover & Willig (1981) and Cabral & Riordan (1997) meet Ericson & Pakes (1995)
D. Besanko, U. Doraszelski, Y. Kryukov, 2013
Working paper

The economics of predation: What drives pricing when there is learning-by-doing?
D. Besanko, U. Doraszelski, Y. Kryukov,
American Economic Review, Vol. 104 No. 3 (March 2014)
Online appendix, CODE
Presentation slides (earlier version of the paper)

A Dynamic Quality Ladder Model with Entry and Exit: Exploring the Equilibrium Correspondence Using the Homotopy Method ”,
R. Borkovsky, U. Doraszelski, Y. Kryukov,
Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 2012, vol.10 Issue 2, pp.197-229

Learning-by-Doing, Organizational Forgetting, and Industry Dynamics”,
D. Besanko, U. Doraszelski, Y. Kryukov, M. Satterthwaite
Econometrica, Vol. 78, No. 2, 2010, pp. 453-508.
Online Appendix, Code

A Users Guide to Homotopy Methods for Solving Dynamic Stochastic Games”,
R. Borkovsky, U. Doraszelski, Y. Kryukov
Operations Research, Vol.58, No.4, 2010, pp.1116-1132.

Dynamic R&D and the Effectiveness of Policy Intervention in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Y. Kryukov, 2010

An Optimal Control Model of Technology Transition
D. Hanson, Y. Kryukov, S. Leyffer, and T. Munson
Intl. J. of Global Energy Issues, 2010 Vol. 33 No. 3/4


73-363 Econometrics (undergraduate, formerly 73-261)

73-365 Industrial Organization/ Firms & Markets (undergraduate, formerly Industrial Organization)

47-805 Computational Methods (Ph.D.)

47-811 Econometrics I (Ph.D.)

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