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Below is a history of the improvements and bug fixes to BDI by version.

Ver 7.0a (exp 15-Sep-02)

No changes other then extending the expiration date

Ver 7.0 (exp 15-Apr-02)

Added new menu option to allow user to change burden schedule
Fixed error that caused NIH budgets to fail in the initialization stage

Ver 6.9 (exp 15-Feb-02)

Fixed error in Proposal Summary.  Previous version would fail if there were fewer than 3 operating expenses.
Modified handling of salary dialog to allow user to move dialog and see sheet behind it.


Ver 6.8 (exp 15-Feb-02)

Fixes error that caused Facilities & Administration to be reflected incorrectly in the PivotTable even though it was correct in the budget.

Ver 6.7 (exp 15-Feb-02)

No changes in BDI itself.  Fixed errors in GM Template with overhead on Subcontracts.

Ver 6.6a (exp 15-Feb-02)

Version 6.6 only fixed burden rates not burden factors.

Ver 6.6 (exp 15-Feb-02)

Fixed problem with Burden rates/Object code table.  Pervious version was sorting the obj codes but not the associated burden rates.

Ver 6.5b (exp 30-Sep-01)

Updated research overhead and Benefit rates.

Ver 6.5a (exp 15-Sep-01)

Corrected error in checking escalation dates.  Previous version would always ask if user wanted to escalate.

Ver 6.5 (exp 15-Sep-01)

Modified code for loading ADI Actuals.  Previous version would fail if there was more than 1 budget sheet in the book.
Refresh University Budget Master now updates the last refresh date
Fill/Spread Expenses now runs in a loop like Fill Salaries.

Ver 6.3 (exp 15-Jun-01)

Added new menu options to allow user to add or remove dependent tuition from a budget
Modified Fill/Spread Expenses to round calculated values
Added MasterPropSal to the list of workbooks supressed in the open dialog.

Ver 6.0 (exp 15-Apr-01)

Added Proposal Summary
New Feature: Ability to Load Actuals From an ADI File Directly Into Existing GL Budget.
Changed Budget Initialization Process
Names are looked up based on numbers
Bug fixes to summary creation process

Ver 5.0a (no expiration)

LAST Excel 97 version
No Changes from 4.0a.

        Ver 4.0a (exp 8-Dec-00)

Fixed Salary Controller
If user cancels – no one gets added initialization completes. Previous version halted.
Minor Improvements to Summary Builders

        Ver 4.0 (exp 8-Dec-00)

Fixes for Extending a Budget
Displays All Sections Before Generating Upload or Summary
Fixes for GL Upload to Allow Processing Multiple Sheets.
Fix Monthly Appointments
Academic and Summer were x 12, instead of x9 and x3 respectively

         Ver 3.8 (exp 31-Oct-00)

Convert Monthly and Hourly Salary Amounts to Annuall
Rewrote Routines for both Summary and Upload to Improve Speed
50% faster in a large GM budget


        Ver 3.5b (exp 30-Sep-00)

Fixed For…Loop Initialization Error
Missing Standard and Format toolbars
Changed format for Project Number
No more leading zeroes
More Fixes to Calculated Operating Expenses


Ver 3.5a (exp 30-Sep-00)

Fixed Subcontract Problem in GM uploads
Additional Fixes for Summary PivotTables
Corrected Calculated Operating Expense Formula
Include grad students in salary

        Ver 3.5 (exp 30-Sep-00)

Improved Salary File Handling
Deletes undergrads
Moves grad students to grad student page
Fixed Error in Bud Summary and Bud People
Fixes for NIH Template
Begin/End dates for salary caps
Fixed error with uploading Grad Students