Oracle Helpers




GL Detail Transaction Statement Builder  (ver 1.2 May 21, 2001) -  Incorporates the fix that was causing some credits to be lost.  Takes the data file exported from the GL Detail Transaction screen, builds a summary PivotTable and also gives the user the option to have the transactions subtotaled.    Download


GM Detail Transaction Statement Builder (ver 1.0b  July 30, 2001) - Works very much like the code for handling GL transactions - takes the file generated by the R-Actuals screen in GM.  Expects the Detail Transaction Statement  folder. Download


New GM Detail Transaction Statement Builder (ver2.0, Mar 8, 2002) - New features allows user to select multiple files for processing rather than one at a time.  Also reads project number from file and uses it as suggested file name when saving.  Now shows pennies in the pivot table Download


ADI Helper  (ver 2.0 Nov 15, 2000) - Adds a summary subtotal section to the end of an ADI Budget & Actual workbook.  Download


FA Assist (ver 1.6 Nov 3, 2000 )- This takes the Funds Available Analysis Report and formats it into a pivot table for analysis  Download