Avenir Font Poster

Print // Poster Design

While I was designing this poster, I kept a quote by the Avenir designer in the back of my mind: "Avenir is meant to be a clear and clean representation of modern typographical trends".

The difference in scale in my final poster is meant to define how you read it. The colors connect otherwise disparate pieces of the poster, and the grid that's created by the letters of "avenir" create alignment throughout. Each of these elements make a poster that is clear, clean, and an accurate portrayal of the Avenir typeface.

Project Description
Communicate Avenir's history and the significance of its form in a 10"x16" poster. Employ elements of design such as texture, value, and scale to emphasize the above characteristics of Avenir.
My final product included each of the following:
- Name of the typeface
- Name of typeface designer
- Year it was designed
- 2 paragraphs about the typeface and its background
- Full character set
- A descriptive quote
Brief Process

This project taught me the importance of playing with scale and finding a balance between elements. A lot of my time was spent making the title bigger and the rest smaller. This project also helped me become more efficient and effective within the Adobe Creative Suite, specifically with Illustrator and InDesign.