A Book About Aphasia

Print // Illustration // Writing

Aphasia is a language deficit that comes from brain damage, often damage resulting from a stroke. This means that aphasia most often occurs in elderly adults, although anybody of any age can be aphasic. There are different types of aphasias that are caused by damage in different areas of the brain.

It's easy to imagine a little kid who has a family member with aphasia. For someone who's still learning how to use language, that kid might have a really hard time communicating with their aphasic relative. This book is geared towards this group - children who want to talk to someone they know with aphasia. Whether their parent reads the book with them or they can read on their own, this book imparts knowledge of each aphasia and tips on how to talk to a person with each.
Project Description
Using effective typography and hierarchy, engaging visuals and colors, and a grid system, create a short book on a topic of your choice.

I chose to create a book that catered to young children with family members who have aphasia (language problems due to brain damage). I had recently researched aphasia in depth for another class, and I was interested in communicating the essentials of each aphasia to a young audience.
Final Product and Takeaways
In this project, I was able to bring together two things I'm passionate about - the study of language disorders and communicating information. It also allowed my to gain experience with inDesign and Illustrator.