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hitseeker is a term for seeking hits in the Internet. Hitseeking is popular among new web page developers as they try to seek hits to their web page.

Baseball HitSeeker

A recent example of hitseekers occurred in Game 3 of the World Series where players of the Cardinals sought to gain a quick lead in the game. They led off the game with consecutive, with the exception of Carlos Beltran who sacrificed. The hits seemed to seek the holes in the infield, allowing runners to seek the next base. The hits continued to find holes and the Cardinals ended up with a quick 2-0 nothing lead.

Later in the game, the hits changed from seeking holes in the field to seeking players who just entered the game defensively. Red Sox player, Bogarts, moved to short, and quickly had to field a check swing hit by Carpenter, but David Ortiz couldn't pick the ball out of the glove, but the ball stayed near first, not allowing Carpenter to get to second, who was seeking an extra base, to get into scoring position. In the eighth, a pitch from Carlos Martinez sought out batter Victorino, who was hit by the pitch. Also in that inning, Cardinal's second basemen Kolten Wong entered the game, and the ball quickly sought him off a ground ball hit, but he made a great play and although seeking a double play, unfortunately had to settle for one out on the hit.

Cache Hits (HitSeeker function)

An important topic in Computer Science is the topic of caches. The more hits a cache has over a sequence of lookups, the more effective the cache is. The designer of the cache is seeking as many hits as possible, thus often being called hitseekers. For this reason, we will go over a simplistic cache, which we will call HitSeeker.

class hitseeker:
  seeker = []
  def hitseeker(e):
    if e in seeker:

Caches are similar to memory, where again we seek hits and want to get the most hits in the page index and tables so that we don't have to go seeking the memory somewhere. Hits are what we seek. That's the motto of Caches and virtual memory.

Another great site for learning about hitseeker and hitseeking is Brendan Barwick's site, found here.

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