Student Assignments


Discussion Questions


Each week you will be assigned readings in the core texts for the course; you will be expected to prepare answers to several discussion questions based on those reading, prior to class.  You will use your prepared answers as reference during class discussion and then turn them in at the end of class.  Following are guidelines for preparing these answers:


q       Prepare clear and succinct answers; use an outline form if you wish, so long as the key concepts are conveyed

q       Implement critical thinking; analyze the readings

q       Prepare answers on one page only

q       Do not use a cover sheet

q       Answers must be mechanically processed (typewriter or computer)



Required Texts                      Crosby:            Quality is Free

                                                Walton:            The Deming Management Method

                                                Juran:               Quality by Design                    

Project Report


During the course, each student will submit an individually developed analysis of the application of an MQI technique in an actual work environment.  Each student will choose a MQI technique, which has been review in class, and apply it in a real situation in work or school.  Your project report will have two elements, as describe below. Students are encouraged to identify a technique and a process early in the semester and submit a one-paragraph prospectus by Session 6.



Report Elements





q       The setting/environment in which the process takes place

q       The MQI techniques applied

q       The process used to introduce and apply the technique

q       The outcomes of applying the MQI technique





q       How the MQI technique affected the problem-solving process

q       How the technique was accepted by the group

q       How the work process was enhanced

q       What you learned about the technique and its application





Note:   the application of the technique does not have to be successful; if it is not, explain           what impeded it effectiveness, and what might have been done to improve it   implementation.