Jay-Yoon Lee
Jay-Yoon Lee

Ph.D. Student
Computer Science Department,   School of Computer Scinece
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Email : jaylee@cs.cmu.edu
Office: 9227, Gates Hilman Center

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Research Interests

My research interests lie in Machine Learning and Data Mining, with an emphasis on solving large-scale, transfer leraning, multi task problems with Professor Jaime Carbonell. I am currently working on three projects: 1) Syntactic parsing for multiple languages. 2) Universal representation for multiple NLP tasks. The two projects sound similar, but the focus is different. While the parsing problem is trying to utilize the fact that multiple languages share same structure and thus increase amount of data for learning common components, the latter project is to examine whether multiple NLP tasks shares common tasks, e.g. translation and parsing, and would this shared task is general enough to be transferred to other NLP tasks. Lastly, I am working on Large scale optimization problem for multi-dimensional demand forecasting and inventory control.Previous works mostly focus on graph problems which consists of non-parametric graph generative model, event/outlier detection using scalable algorithms and analysis of large-scale real-world graphs such as random walks on multi-graphs.


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