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İsa E. Hafalır

Associate Professor of Economics  

Tepper School of Business
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA

Tel: (412) 268-5456



Curriculum Vitae

Google Scholar page


Efficiency in Coalition Games with Externalities Games and Economic Behavior, 61 (2007), 242-258.


Asymmetric Auctions with Resale (joint with Vijay Krishna), American Economic Review, 98 (2008), 87-112 Online Appendix


Stability of Marriage with Externalities, International Journal of Game Theory, 37 (2008), 353-370.


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Selling Goods of Unknown Quality: Forward versus Spot Auctions (joint with Hadi Yektas), Review of Economic Design, 15 (2011), 245-256.


A Near Pareto Optimal Auction with Budget Constraints (joint with R. Ravi and Amin Sayedi), Games and Economic Behavior, 74, (2012), 699-708.

An earlier and more comprehensive version is available here


Effective Affirmative Action in School Choice (joint with M. Bumin Yenmez and Muhammed A. Yildirim),  Theoretical Economics, 8, (2013), 325-363. (A note on definition of stability)


School Choice with Controlled Choice Constraints: Hard Bounds versus Soft Bounds (joint with Lars Ehlers, M. Bumin Yenmez and Muhammed A. Yildirim), Journal of Economic Theory, 153, (2014), 648-683.


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Welfare Maximizing Assignment of Agents to Hierarchical Positions (joint with Antonio Miralles), Journal of Mathematical Economics, 61, (2015), 253-270.


Matching with Aggregate Externalities (joint with James Fisher), 81, (2016), 1-7, Mathematical Social Sciences.


Expertise in Online Markets (joint with Stelios Despotakis, R. Ravi and Amin Sayedi), forthcoming, Management Science. Online Appendix



Working Papers


College Admissions with Entrance Exams: Centralized versus Decentralized (joint with Rustamdjan Hakimov, Dorothea Kübler and Morimitsu Kurino)

Discriminatory Auctions with Resale (joint with Musab Kurnaz)





Competitive Equilibrium and a Dynamic Auction for Allocation with Priorities (joint with Tayfun Sönmez)


Contest among Contest Organizers (joint with Ersin Korpeoglu and Gizem Korpeoglu)




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