Socialize over Nimbu pani 5:30 PM

Come early. Enjoy a glass of Nimbu pani. Socialize with other early birds!

Kadhanakudhukala Thillana 6:00 PM

Enjoy the traditional Indian classical dance Bharatanatyam performed in its original form. The dancers will depict the beauty of Lord Krishna and his music.

Classical Carnatic Music

An Indian classical Carnatic music piece featuring tradition and improvization.

Light Music

This year's light music performance will pay tribute to the Indie-Pop sensation of the 90's which ushered in a new generation of independent musicians.

Jalatharangam + Sitar

Experience the beauty of music through resonating water coupled with the strings of sitar.

The Masked Moron

The 'drug' season is not over with Breaking Bad. IGSA Drama Club presents one more episode of addictive stuff.


Diwali Dance Dhamaka! Enough said.

Dinner from Mintt 8:15 PM

We will have enough food! No hurry. Just ensure you drop the plates in the right bin after eating.

DJ 9:30 PM

Think you ate too much? Dance to the tunes of the DJ. Burn some fat. Get tired. Go home and sleep well.

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