Stanley Haomin Zhang



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I have been teaching English as Second Language and Mandarin Chinese in the United States for three years. I taught students from diverse background (nationalities, ages, educational background, etc.). Starting from Fall, 2012, I am an instructor in Department of Modern Languages at Carnegie Mellon University.


Department of Modern Languages, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittburgh, PA    08/2012-Present

82-131 Elementary Chinese I  

"Instruction style worked well/gave good opportunities to learn/practice material."

"The professor is amazing."

"The fact that you actually learn some good basics of Chinese language." "Awesome professor!"

"The class progresses in a reasonable pace and we learn material that can be useful in daily conversation."


82-132 Elementary Chinese II

Students' Feedback:

"This teacher has been amazing. I struggled greatly with this course as Chinese does not come naturally to me. He has stuck with me and helped me through many examples and grammar patterns individually seeing that I am struggling and was able to greatly improve my skills!"

"I had so much fun this semester and learned a lot of Chinese. Thank you so much. You have been a wonderful professor."


82-231 Intermediate Chinese I

Students' Feedback:

"The instructor is very receptive to students' feedback."

"Classes are organized and the instructor is responsible."  "The professor is cool."

"The instructor has good grammar knowledge."

"I've not always been interested in Chinese, but now I like it better b/c I'm learning how to use it more."


82-232 Intermediate Chinese II

Students' Feedback:

"Instructor was very nice and caring about students. He taught well and passionate to teach us. And he was very responsive."

"The teacher was considerate of students & engaging."

"The teacher's teaching style was helpful."

"Instructor was teaching in a way that  I wanted."

"The instructor should teach this course and more advanced level."


Fei Yang Chinese Language and Culture Center, Swarthmore, PA    09/2011-05/2012

Responsibility: Teaching Mandarin Chinese to American young children


Holy Redeemer Church School, Philadelphia, PA    05/2010-01/2012

Responsibility: Teaching English to Chinese immigrants in the church community


University City Arts League, Philadelphia, PA     09/2010-07/2011

Responsibility: Teaching heritage Mandarin Chinese to Chinese immigrants¨ children


Lutheran Family and Children Service, Upper Darby, PA    09/2009-12/2009 

Responsibility: Teaching English to South-American immigrants and refugees