Stanley Haomin Zhang



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I have been teaching English as Second Language and Mandarin Chinese in the United States for three years. I taught students from diverse background (nationalities, ages, educational background, etc.). Starting from Fall, 2012, I am an instructor in Department of Modern Languages at Carnegie Mellon University.


Department of Modern Languages, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittburgh, PA    08/2012-Present

82-131 Elementary Chinese I

Syllabus: 82-131 Elementary Chinese I_syllabus

Faculty Course Evaluation (FCE) Overall teaching: 5.0/5.0

Students' Feedback:

"Instruction style worked well/gave good opportunities to learn/practice material."

"The professor is amazing."

"The fact that you actually learn some good basics of Chinese language." "Awesome professor!"

"The class progresses in a reasonable pace and we learn material that can be useful in daily conversation."


82-132 Elementary Chinese II

Syllabus: 82-132 Elementary Chinese II syllabus

Faculty Course Evaluation (FCE) Overall teaching: 5.0/5.0

Students' Feedback:

"This teacher has been amazing. I struggled greatly with this course as Chinese does not come naturally to me. He has stuck with me and helped me through many examples and grammar patterns individually seeing that I am struggling and was able to greatly improve my skills!"

"I had so much fun this semester and learned a lot of Chinese. Thank you so much. You have been a wonderful professor."


82-232 Intermediate Chinese I

Syllabus: To be uploaded in summer 2013


Fei Yang Chinese Language and Culture Center, Swarthmore, PA    09/2011-05/2012

Responsibility: Teaching Mandarin Chinese to American young children


Holy Redeemer Church School, Philadelphia, PA    05/2010-01/2012

Responsibility: Teaching English to Chinese immigrants in the church community


University City Arts League, Philadelphia, PA     09/2010-07/2011

Responsibility: Teaching heritage Mandarin Chinese to Chinese immigrants¨ children


Lutheran Family and Children Service, Upper Darby, PA    09/2009-12/2009 

Responsibility: Teaching English to South-American immigrants and refugees